Tailor your Ventures to make them "wearable" for the market.

The 5 MVP Criteria to find Product Market Fit

webinar by Brent Freeman

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Tailor your Ventures to make them "wearable" for the market.

The 5 MVP Criteria to find Product Market Fit

webinar by Brent Freeman

About this webinar

Creating market-friendly projects is complex and launching your startup into the market is often like a lottery. A crucial variability you must consider is the PMF – Product-Market Fit; what is it?

When a Studio launches a new project and wants to create a new venture, it is fundamental to analyse the market segment, understand the needs, and identify the trends to build successful enterprises that can survive in a competitive market.

Building a Startup is similar to tailoring a suit: it’s essential to measure the customers’ shoulders, learn their taste and preferences, and last but not least, choose a suitable season fabric. Imagine a Startup Studio doing it for one Venture at a time, sometimes dozens or even a few dozen? Sounds like too tricky and time-consuming? Well, actually not; once you know the right technique and have a suitable measure tape and other tools, you’re set for an endless number of venture launches.

And consequently, finding the perfect PMF is the process of tailoring your product and venture for an already existing market: study, measure, and choose the suitable characteristics to help your project be profitable and market-friendly.

You need to know your market to build and launch purposeful, wearable, and successful startups. And guess what, you can foresee the market fit even before starting to sew the dress.


5 Grand MVP model will help you understand:

Key criteria you can apply to build an MVP

How these criteria work

how you can apply them to your brands or portfolio companies to increase your chances of finding PMF in early-stage ventures

About our speaker

Brent Freeman is a serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about using business to generate both profits & social impact. In 2009, Brent founded, an online marketplace platform. Today, Brent is an angel investor, former venture capitalist and has written for Entrepreneur and INC on startup life. He is the Founder & President at Stealth Venture Labs, an elite growth marketing firm focused on helping e-commerce brands scale through growth plateaus that have generated over $500M in revenue for its clients in the last 5 years.

StudioHUB's next webinar

Our next webinar will focus on the topic of finding Product-Market Fit to create successful products and ventures to launch in the right way and pump them to the moon. It will cover or in fact uncover an exclusive approach for launching an MVP with a market validation promise to help you pump your ventures to the moon.

With the experience of over 1000 e-commerce brands in the last 15 years, generating over $500M+ in recurring revenue, and having founded over 10 different D2C brands an outstanding expert will share the 5 criteria he has discovered to be omni-present in all early-stage ventures that find product-market fit right out of the gates.

An MVP theory guaranteed for success will be brought to us by an experienced professional Founder of Stealth Ventures Brent Freeman, our guest speaker, for the next free webinar at Studiohub!

We are meeting on Thursday, April 29th at 6 PM CET.

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