FJ Labs’ Startup Studio Model

webinar by Fabrice Grinda

Monday, 14, December, 19:30 CET

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Have you heard about those private parties that Gatsby organised in his villa? Huge buffets, RSVP-s, “fields” of fresh flowers in the house, chic dames, classy-men wearing masterpiece suits and of course champagne with black caviar? Oh yes, you did… Well, creating and set-up an exceptional Startup Studio looks somewhat like that, perhaps without caviar and flowers, anyway, most probably you don’t have any idea where to start, do you?

Find money (so you don’t need to fundraise for years), hire skilled and professional co-workers and find co-partners that can bring you to an up level and work with them for a long time before pulling the trigger. These are the necessary checks that you need to organise an unforgettable party like Jay Gatsby.
Don’t you know how to do it?

“Let’s get the party started!”

Event Program

  • Ensuring capital resources & sharing equity with the Party organisers (Founders)
  • Defining your crew and talent involvement
  • Deciding on the proper setup for fireworks

“Do you want to be on the bench, or do you want to enter the field?”

Like in every dignified party, tickets are limited, but if you’re quick, or you know the right people, you can reserve your seats.

Order your bow ties and save the date, this is an exclusive party you can’t miss.

Fabrice Grinda

Fabrice Grinda is among the world’s leading Internet entrepreneurs and investors. He has over 150 exits on 500 angel investments. Fabrice has served as CEO for three multinational companies and has an impressive track record as an early investor in Alibaba, Flexport, Delivery Hero, Betterment and Brightroll. Fabrice is currently running the startup studio and venture fund FJ Labs, which he cofounded with business partner Jose Marin.

Fabrice was named the #1 Angel Investor in the world by Forbes

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We have the solution to your preps pain! Our next webinar, with a great and classy Frenchman such as Fabrice Grinda from FJ Labs’, will uncover the curtain and stage how the Startup Studio is managed, what kind of decisional model use and which idea pipeline drives FJ Labs’ choices.

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The webinar will be on Monday, 14, December, 19:30 CET

Recording is available only to Premium Member