How innovation drives shareholder value:

lessons from corporate venture building

webinar by Julian Ritter from Stryber

Wednesday, January 20th, 18:00 CET,

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Diversification, how many times we’ve heard about it? I remember when I met my financial advisor, “We need to diversify your investment portfolio!”, I replied “Yes, a sure thing, Doc” but I didn’t really have a full understanding of what he meant.

This beneficial hint – I realised over time – is vital also to every corporate, venture-builder and startup. To target various objectives and to think collateral projects, can increase the efficiency of your capital, attract more investors but most importantly, make your shareholders happy (and, of course, convince them to inject extra money into your business).

Everything is more complicated, though, than it looks in Fiction, and we often need a person with a validated experience – as my financial advisor has it- to tell us how to drive our ideas and energy.
Don’t worry, StudioHub, as usual, has the solution for this too.

Event Program
  • The right approach to corporate venture building supported by a recent empirical study by Stryber.
  • We will look at success factors of venture builders/ startup studios in general and in corporate settings.

Julian Ritter

Julian is an Associate Partner at Corporate Venture Builder Stryber. He is a passionate entrepreneur and former strategy consultant. He started his career at strategy consulting firm Bain & Company, where he advised clients from the financial services, private equity and other industries.

After his time with Bain & Company, Julian founded a hospitality tech startup in 2016, which he grew to over 100 employees across three countries.
He joined Stryber in June 2020 to lead its expansion into the UK market after Stryber had successfully established itself as the largest independent corporate venture builder in DACH. Julian will be helping organisations based in the UK and beyond to innovate successfully by building portfolios of ventures aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

He also holds an M.Sc. in Risk and Finance from the London School of Economics.

StudioHUB's next webinar

For our first 2021 event, we’ll bring new perspectives trying our best to facilitate discussions, adding a Value to your Venture Builders.

Julian Ritter from Stryber Startup Studio will hold a webinar in which he’ll expose and explain a recent Stryber’s empirical study that shows a strong positive link between diversification and shareholders value.
Prominent examples of companies that are driving diversification successfully are Amazon and Netflix, which introduced new revenue segments by building new businesses internally.

With Julian, we will look at success factors of venture builders/startup studios in general and in corporate settings.
Let’s meet him on Wednesday, 20th January.

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The webinar will be on Wednesday, January 20th, 18:00 CET